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What to Expect

what to expect when having an estate sale



The first step is always a free consultation. We come to your home to see what you are thinking of selling.  MYTH:  Furniture is the backbone of an estate sale, IT'S NOT.  Furniture is hard to sell, it is the "littles" around the home that draw in shoppers.  Once we have seen everything we can put together a plan of action tailored to your situation.  We charge a percentage of the sales as a built-in incentive for us to get the most money for your items.  No set-up or labor fees. 

What to expect estate sale consultation
What to expect Prepare for estate sale



We show up with our equipment for staging and photographing.   While grouping and photographing in your home (or off-site), we begin advertising your sale to the public using special venues specific to the Auction community, making certain the right people know about it!

Estate Sale/Auction


The online auction is typically a 7 day auction and will end on a Wednesday.  The following Friday/Saturday will be the pick-up days in your home.  We are there to meet the customers to hand them their purchases.  If there are remaining items in the home to be sold (apart from the auction) we have them priced and ready for in-home shoppers. If 

What to expect your estate sale
What to expect Wrap-up estate sale

Wrap Up


Normally in an Estate Sale/auction almost everything sells, but there may be items that remain.  We will discuss this with you in the end as you may want to keep the remaining items or donate them.  You will receive a check from us within a week with your percentage of the sales.

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