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what to expect when having an estate sale



The first step is always a free consultation. This appointment consists of a detailed walk through of the home. Please do NOT trash or donate anything, you may be giving away the very things that are ESSENTIAL to a successful estate sale!  Everything is sell-able! Once we have seen everything, we will propose a commission rate for our services.  We charge a flat commission on the gross sales, no separate labor and set-up fees, no surprise fees in the end.  This rate is determined by factors including what items are for sale, the amount of time needed to prepare the home for the sale and how much labor is involved. 




What to expect estate sale consultation



Plan on having us begin organizing approximately one week before the estate sale depending on the number of items you have.  We provide tables, display units and everything needed to create a retail atmosphere.  If the sale will be partially online, we photograph everything in your home using our own professional equipment.  While staging your home, we begin advertising your sale to the public using special venues specific to the estate sale community, making certain the right people know.

What to expect Prepare for estate sale

Estate Sale


The sale should last about two-three weeks. Currently with how Covid has changed things, we are conducting hybrid sales being a combination of in-home and online.  We begin with marketing your larger items online (locally) allowing shoppers to pre-purchase,  when they come to get their purchases, we allow them to shop further in the home where all of the smaller items have been staged and priced.  

What to expect your estate sale

Wrap Up


After the sale you can expect anywhere from 5% – 25% of your items to remain.  What happens to the remaining items is up to you and will most likely have been discussed at the initial consultation.  We can look at the remaining items together and decide from there, as there are many options available to you.  Within 5 business days of the estate sale, you will receive a check from us with your percentage of the sales.  

What to expect Wrap-up estate sale
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