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what to expect when having an estate sale



The first step is always a free consultation. This appointment consists of a detailed walk through of the home. Please do NOT donate anything, you may be giving away the very things that are ESSENTIAL to a successful estate sale/auction!  MYTH:  Furniture is the backbone of an estate sale, IT'S NOT.  Furniture is hard to sell, it is the "littles" around the home that draw in shoppers.  Once we have seen everything and decide if  your items will create a successful auction, we discuss terms.  We charge a flat commission on the gross sales, no separate labor and set-up fees, no surprise fees in the end, and no money out of your pocket ever.

What to expect estate sale consultation
What to expect Prepare for estate sale



We show up with our equipment for staging and photographing, and depending on the number of items there are, we may be there for up to 2 weeks building the online auction.  While grouping and photographing in your home, we begin advertising your sale to the public using special venues specific to the estate sale community, making certain the right people know about it!

Online Sale/Auction


The online auction is typically a 7 day auction and will end on a Wednesday.  The following Friday/Saturday will be the pick-up days in your home.  We are there to meet the customers to hand them their purchases.  

What to expect your estate sale
What to expect Wrap-up estate sale

Wrap Up


Normally in an auction almost everything sells, but there are often people who win an item and either never pay for it, or pay for it but never pick it up, leaving some items that need to be dealt with.  We will discuss this with you in the end as you may want to keep the remaining items, or you may want us to clean it all out.  Your choice!  If you want us to do the cleanout, we remove everything in the home, we do NOT clean the home though. 

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