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  • Will this cost me anything?
    No... we work on a commission-based system meaning no money leaves your pocket at any time. We have the sale, split the amount with you and write you a check for your portion.
  • How do I know if an Auction or Estate Sale is right for me?
    If the home is full of regular household items, typical of any home, you are going to benefit from an in-home estate sale. If you are downsizing or liquidating and have collectibles you feel are worth too much for an estate sale, an estate sale/auction combo is a good option for you. The high value items sell on our auction platform and when the winners come pick up their winnings, we have the rest of the items in the your home priced and ready for in-home shoppers.
  • I live out of state; can I still do this?
    Yes! This is actually a common situation after a parent dies and the grown children are out of state. Or, the homeowners have moved to a home out of state and no longer wish to keep the Denver home. As long as we have access to the home and the utilities are working, we can have the sale.
  • How quickly can an estate sale/ Auction happen?
    For an in-home sale we generally need 7-10 days to stage, price and advertise plus the 2-3 day sale. For an online auction, we need at least one week to photograph and create the online auction/ estate sale, then a 7-day auction plus 2 pick-up days for the customers to get their items. 2-3 weeks is a good amount of time to plan for either way. Generally, the more time we have the better. We like to have plenty of time to advertise and build up interest.
  • I don't want hundreds of people in my home!
    Who does?!! Especially after Covid, it has changed us all! Auctions allow us to keep people out of your home! After the auction when people come to pick up their purchases, we can bring it to them at the front door , or set it up in the garage. The only exception is heavy furniture where movers need to come in. If there are additional items for sale at pick-up, we can have them priced and displayed in the room closest to the front door to limit in-home traffic.
  • How involved do I need to be?
    Very little. We need to gather information from you about your items, valuables, etc. and we may have questions while we photograph, but we work mostly on our own allowing you to focus on other things!
  • What if we are keeping some of the items?
    We ask that you mark them clearly with post-it notes or blue painter's tape so we know not to price or photograph that item. If you are wanting an in-home estate sale, we ask that those items be removed or hidden in a locked off room.
  • How do you determine the value of items?
    That is the beauty of auctions! We don't need to. The key is advertising to the right people to get the right bidders fighting over it. As for in-home sales, we have done hundreds and see similar items in most homes. We know from experience how much items will sell for and price them for the most we feel we can get.
  • What things can be sold at an estate sale/ Auction?
    Everything in your home has value, decor items you may feel tempted to donate may be a big draw. The more you have, the better the bottom line. What draws shoppers to sales is a big variety of items. Picture yourself walking into a store with full and organized shelves....very tempting. Now picture a store with sparse items on shelves with a lot of empty spots in between, you will most likely skip that store. In estate sales we can sell everything from Laundry detergent & light bulbs to firearms and automobiles.
  • What about really valuable items?
    That is why we created an online auction platform. We advertise nationally and offer shipping of any size item, giving your valuables the most exposure possible and getting a lot more money for them! If you have a specific collection, we advertise specifically to those collectors.
  • Can I be living in the home during all of this?
    If we are doing an entire home and its contents, the quick answer is NO!—this process becomes too invasive for anyone still living there. If you simply have a collection we are going to auction off for you, then we can work around you in the home, and in some cases, remove the items and photograph at a different location.
  • What happens to the items that don't sell?
    We have thousands of followers and most items sell. If there are items left unsold you may want to keep them, donate them, or we can suggest clean-out companies to help you.
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