Frequently Asked Questions

Will this cost me anything?

No... we work on a commission-based system meaning no money leaves your pocket at any time. The only expense you may have is if you choose to have a clean-out crew remove the unsold items in the end and deal with the cleanout company on your own. If you are not in town and need us to handle that for you, we can meet the crew and oversee the cleanout, then take the cost out of your percentage before sending your check.

How do I know if an estate sale is right for me and my situation?

If you need an estate sale you are most likely experiencing a life change. Downsizing is a common situation where decades of accumulation cannot come with you to your new home. An estate sale is usually needed when there is a house full of items that no one in the family wants or has the means to take.

I live out of state; can I still do this?

Yes. You do not need to be here. If you can get us access to the home and ensure the utilities are working (heat, water, electric), then we can take care of everything.

How quickly can an estate sale happen?

For an in-home sale we need approximately one week to prepare the home and items to be sold. The in-home sale will be a 2-3 day event on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday. For an online estate sale or appointment only sale, we need a few days to photograph everything and ideally want to have the items online for 1-2 weeks (or more) to get maximum exposure.

I don't want hundreds of people in my home!

No problem! We also offer "Online" estate sales, online auctions and appointment only sales. In the past these alternate types of sales were used for gated communities where a lot of restrictions were in place. Now, with social distancing, these alternate types of sales are quickly becoming the new normal.

How involved do I need to be?

Our job is to make a very difficult time easier. We need you in the very beginning as we walk through the home and determine what items are going to be sold, after that you can relax and let us take care of everything.

Can I attend the estate sale?

We have learned that attending your own estate sale can be very emotional and stressful. In addition to that, shoppers get uncomfortable knowing the owner is hovering, which can negatively affect sales. Given that, we strongly discourage it.

What if my HOA doesn't allow estate sales?

Then we have an online estate sale where your items are photographed and listed online, sold, then the customer schedules a pick-up time and date when we meet them at the house. These can be just as successful as an in-home sale. We can also have an appontment only sale.

What if we are keeping some of the items?

If there are things you want to keep but cannot remove from the house, we will lock off a designated room with those items secured inside.

How do you determine the value of items?

We have years of experience with re-selling personal belongings in every category. We also have an exclusive membership to the largest data resource for identifying, researching and valuing antiques, arts and vintage collectables.

What things can be sold at an estate sale?

Everything in your home has value, and the items you may be tempted to discard will actually sell, like half-used cleaning products, shampoo, toiletries already opened! Shoppers expect to find a variety of items in the home, so do not throw anything away. The more you have, the better the turn out. We even sell firearms and automobiles.

What about really valuable items?

We have a large network of dealers and collectors that we contact for specific items. We also conduct online auctions and if the items are shippable, then national online auctions.

Can I be living in the home during all of this?

Ideally, the client has already moved out of the home before preparation begins. This is best for both the client and the staff. We will be moving items around in the home and staging the home like a store—this process becomes too invasive if the client is still living there. As with everything there are exceptions, but expect your home to become unlivable.

Can I set prices on my own items?

We cannot allow our clients to set the pricing on items as this is the company’s area of expertise. However, if there are some pieces with a specific significance, we can honor a reserve price on those meaning you set a price at which you would rather keep the item than sell any lower.

Do you provide trash removal services?

If there is an excessive amount of trash, we can order a dumpster to be placed in the driveway for the duration of the set up. This will be at your expense. The dumpster bill will be included in the final accounting. Dumpster costs are approx $400 for a 10 day period.

What happens to the items that don't sell?

In a typical estate sale, you can expect about 80-95% of all items to sell. We have found the best way to deal with this is to wait until the end and do a walk through together, in person or video chat, at which time you can see what remains. You may want to keep some of the items, you may want to donate the items, or you may want us to call a clean out crew to empty the home. The choice is always yours.

Do you clean the house after the estate sale?

We will leave the house broom swept. We do not have a housecleaning service, but can arrange for one on your behalf if you cannot.

Legacies Estate Sales FAQ

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