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  • Sarah Booras

How Do I Sell My Jewelry & Watches? How to sell Jewelry Collection? Who Buys Jewelry?

Updated: Apr 15

Do you have a lifelong collection of jewelry you would like to liquidate? Or perhaps you have inherited some quality jewelry/watches that look valuable, but not your style? So, you wonder "How do I sell my Jewelry Collection or Who Buys Jewelry? If you have called around to jewelry stores, pawn shops, & antique stores already, you have probably discovered you won't get much for it. You could also try to sell online on places like Craigslist and Marketplace but how do you 1) price the piece and 2) Describe the piece! Is this a diamond or a CZ? Is this a real ruby? Is this 14k gold? What kind of pearls are these and are they real? What condition is this watch in?

There is one easy option that actually gets you the most for your fine jewelry and better yet, you do not have to know what the piece is! It's done for you. I am talking about online estate auctions. There is a LARGE community in the US that follows online estate auctions looking for pre-owned fine jewelry & watches. Since jewelry is easy to ship, online estate auctions are open to the entire U.S.! You find a reputable estate sale company that 1) Has an online auction platform and 2) has a good track record selling jewelry and let them handle it from there! Easy! And, since there are several bidders that will be fighting over your special pieces, you can be assured you are getting top dollar!

How do estate sale companies charge? Typically, a percentage of the hammer price (the final sold price). You get the jewelry to them, it goes into a 7-day online auction, and in the end, you receive a check for your percentage. Problem solved!

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