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Serving  Denver's South Suburbs

No Hidden Fees

Welcome To Legacies Estate Sales And Online Auctions!

Providing successful estate sales and online auctions to Denver's south suburbs for over 10 years! 

With the growing trend of replacing in-home estate sales with online auctions we were compelled to create Denver Online Auctions where we can sell your valuable collections, furnishings, and decor.  By advertising nationally and offering shipping, we get you the highest dollar amount for your valuables.  


Auctions by professionals are a time proven way to get the most for your treasures, and best of all, you don't have to do anything!  And better yet, we work on straight commission meaning no money ever leaves your pocket!  You receive a check from us in the end.  

Benefits of an auction over in-home sale?  Keeps the crowds of people out of your home, and brings you more money by eliminating the haggling and 50% off days.

We invite you to visit our Youtube channel to see one of the many ways we will advertise and showcase your sale!  


Not sure if you have auction worthy items? A great place to start is to call, email, or text. OR  720-279-0079



Building a trusting relationship with you and exceeding your expectations is the foundation of our reputation!   


Honest - Dependable - Knowledgeable


We take special care in identifying your higher value items and giving them the attention they deserve.



We  photograph your items in a way

that catches the buyer's eye!


Check out this printable document with tips and ideas when downsizing!

Estate Sales Checklist

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